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Journeys Basics

Design and automate campaigns that guide customers through their buying journey with your brand.
Today customers expect a personalized and engaging experience from brands. Growlytics Journeys enable marketers to do just that by providing an all-inclusive customer experience across multiple messaging channels while driving engagement.

What is a Journey?

Simply put, a Journey is a campaign planning tool used to design and automate omnichannel campaigns that guide customers through their shopping experience with your brand. Journeys are ideal for engaging customers across their lifecycles on your website or mobile app.
Examples of Journeys:
  • Abandoned Cart Journey: Connect with shoppers who add items to their carts but don’t finish orders. Send personalized behavioral messages that encourage them to return and complete that purchase.
  • Purchase Thank You Journey: Send an automated thank-you message when they make a purchase.
Journey Example - Post Purchase Thank You
  • Retention Journey: Re-engagement campaigns that run for longer durations, to pull users back if they begin to slip away.