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Customer Profile

What is a Customer Profile?

A 360° view of the customer you sync customer data with Growlytics. The customer profile consists of customer attributes and events they perform on the website/mobile app.
There can be two types of Customers:
  • Anonymous Customer: Not having a System ID
  • Registered Customer: Having a System ID
What Is System ID?
System ID is the unique ID of the customer that you maintain on your system.

Anonymous Customer

Anonymous customers are those who don't have a System ID. When a customer is opening a website/mobile app for the first time, an anonymous customer profile is created with a unique Growlytics ID. This way you can track the attributes of this customer even though the details of this customer are not logged in to your system.

Registered Customer

When a customer logs in on your website/mobile app, you can sync that data with Growlytics, specifically the System ID to register that customer within the Growlytics platform.
Using the System ID, you can track and update data for given customers across multiple devices and websites, providing you with a 360° view of the customer. When the customer logs in, for a given System ID, Growlytics will merge the previously associated Anonymous Customer Profile with this Registered Customer Profile.

Accessing Customer Profile

The check a customer's profile, you can follow the steps mentioned below:
  • Navigate to Customers > Customer List on the Growlytics dashboard. On the Customer Profiles page, you will see a search option in the top right corner.
  • You can search for the customer's profile by entering the customer's System ID, email, mobile, and Growlytics ID. Clicking on any of the rows will open the customer profile.
Customer Profile
Basic Information
On the profile page, you can see basic information about your customers at the top like Name Email, Mobile, System ID, etc.
Customer Attributes
On the left side of the Profile Page, you can view all the attributes of the customer.
Acquisition Details
Acquisition detail provides you with UTM information of the first and last visit of the customer across all devices.
Location Info
Location Info includes the name of the city and country as well as the first and last visit of the customer across all devices.
The activities tab shows all the events and event attributes, performed by the customer, and sorted by the event reported time.